Turf w/ Double The Surf


T-Bone Steak
Shrimp 1 Lb
Red Snapper Filets 1 Lb
SPG Blend
Brussels Sprouts
Portobello Mushrooms 1 Cup
Avocado Oil
Philips Barbeque Co Beef Rub
Lemon 1
Chili Lime Powder

Get your fire going, tonight we are cooking with B&B Hickory Splits. Start with a log cabin, as that starts to burn lets get our Surf and Turf prepped.

Lightly coat your steak, with avocado oil, its a high smoke temp oil. Since we are cooking over open fire this allows for high heat without burning. Grab your favorite beef seasoning, in this case I am using American Prime. Generously season the front, back and sides of the steak and set it aside.

Next up lets prep the surf, lightly drizzle avocado oil onto your shrimp and snapper filets. For your shrimp, season with with SPG blend and the zest and juice of one lemon. Toss and make sure each shrimp is evenly seasoned, then set to the side.

For your snapper filets, season with black pepper, chili lime powder and paprika. Now we can head to the fire and get to cooking.

For this cook, I am using an outpost set up that swings in and out, it allows me to move the meats to and from the fire. First up the steak, its on the highest grate. Going for a reverse sear method by having the steak slowly cooking, flipping every 2 minutes to make sure it cooks evenly.

After 12-15 minutes lower the grate to the fire and start the sear process. This time 1 minute for each side for 4 minutes. Then remove from heat and allow to rest.

As the steak rests, lets cook the surf. Shrimp and snapper filets cook quickly, which is why they are saved for last and can be done as the steak rests. Here’s a tip that helps me, I put the shrimp and filets on skewers. This makes it easier to handle and manage so they don’t over cook.

Now that the surf is complete remove from heat, plate and serve. Enjoy your wood fire cooked, Turf w/ Double Surf!

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