Hickory Roasted Salmon

Its no secret that I make a majority of my meals in my smokers, in either Penny, Pearl or my most recent addition Phoebe. What is lesser known would be the fact that I love cooking in the fire box of my smokers. It is filled with even heat, thick atmosphere of smoke/flavor it only makes sense to make dishes in there when possible.

If you have a firebox that has room for you to cook in, then this is perfect for you, if not this works in an oven as well. Let’s get to the cook


Lemon 1 Sliced Thinly

1/4 Bushel of Parsley

Arugula 2 Cups

Baby Spinach 2 Cups

Salmon Filet [cut into 1/4 or desired serving size]

Sea Salt [to taste]

Black Pepper [to taste]

Cherry Tomatoes 1/2 Cup

Mushrooms 1/2 Cup

Olive Oil

Garlic [2 large cloves]

The Prep:

While items are being prepped soak your fresh herbs and vegetables in water to help remove dirt and unwanted bits.

Lightly coat salmon in olive oil [infused olive oil for additional flavor]

Finely mince garlic

Season with sea salt and pepper. Using a zester or microplane, grate garlic onto the top of the salmon.

Thinly slice lemon and set aside for later

The Cook:

Grab your pan or in my case, cast iron skillet. Coat the pan with oil and set it on the hickory coals. [Or on stove top] Leave there for 3-5 or until oil starts to simmer. Remove from heat if oil starts to smoke.

Time to layer our ingredients in the pan and start the cook.

Remove the skillet from heat, add in mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, the rinsed parsley, next add the baby spinach and finish with a few slices of lemon.

Its important to layer this was so the ingredients with the most moisture are at the bottom which prevents them from burning, while allowing everything else to cook.

Finally time to add the cuts of salmon, which we will top with additional thin slices of lemon. Place the pan back into the firebox for roughly 10-15 minutes.

During the cooking process, make sure to rotate your pan depending upon the heat source. After 15 minutes, check the salmon if the meat of the salmon begins to flake and center is pink not raw, it is done and ready to enjoy.

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