Barbeque doesn't have to be complicated, you just need the right quality ingredients. Join me as I make a flavorful yet simple Pork Rub with some of the great spices from Spiceology. This rub can be used on ribs, pork butt, even pork-chops. Now mine contains a bit more heat, but you can adjust this to for your flavor profile. its just a great base thats waiting for you to add your own special twist.

With these measurements I was able to make enough Pork Rub Mix to season 1 Slab of Spares, 2 Pork Butts, 1 Slab of St. Louis Ribs.



Cumin 1/4 Cup

Cayenne 1/2 Cup [if not a fan of heat, use smaller measurement]

Domestic Onion 1/4 Cup

Smoked Paprika 1/2 Cup

16 Mesh Black Pepper 1/2 Cup

Turbinado Sugar 1/2 Cup

SPG [Salt Pepper Garlic] 1/2 Cup

To see the whole cook from start to finish, check out the IGtv section on the Spiceology Instagram page.

Head over to the Spiceology site to grab these spices along with over 300 other amazing spices and rubs, they have a huge selection and its the perfect way to mix and match flavors.

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