Grilled Citrus Wings

When Bush’s Best reached out to partner on a recipe to compliment their Sweet Heat Baked Beans [available in vegetarian options] I had just the flavorful profile in mind. I am a huge fan of wings, I can eat them any time of day all day. In order to not over power the Sweet Heat, I chose to build on a brighter flavor-note, with citrus and acidity of fresh lemon, lime and orange juice and zest. Paired with Bush’s Best this is a great meal to share with friends and family.


Wings 2 Lbs

Lemons Juice [freshly squeezed]

Lime Juice 1/2 Cup [freshly squeezed

Orange Juice 1 Cup [freshly squeezed

Garlic [4 minced medium sized cloves] 

Salt 2 tbsp

Black Pepper

Vinegar 1/4 Cup

Cayenne Pepper 1tsp

Smoked Paprika 1tbsp

The Prep:

In a food safe sealable bag add 2 lbs of wings

Pour Lemon, Lime, Vinegar and Orange juices into bag

Add minced garlic, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and smoked paprika.

Properly seal bag, and shake. Making sure all pieces are properly coated in citrus marinade. For best result allow the chicken to marinade in the fridge over night.

The Cook:

Set grill to roughly 375 degrees [ grease grates to aid in wings not sticking ]

Set wings adjacent to heat and flip every 8-10 minutes to minutes to aid in cooking thoroughly and evenly. 

While wings are grilling empty Bush’s Best Sweat Heat Baked Beans into a saucepan. Heat to simmer.

Remove wings from grill, and serve with a heaping pile of, Bush’s Best Sweat Heat Baked Beans and enjoy.

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