Reverse Jalapeño Poppers

This is a fun, simple, and flavorful snack that is guaranteed to make the highlight reel!

2 Large Jalapeños
1 Can Puff Pastry [I used Pillsbury Buttered Biscuits]
1/2 cup Cubed Mozzarella Cheese
4 Nobs of Butter [unsalted]
1 Lb of Smoked Pulled Pork
1/4 Chopped Cilantro
Gravity Series Smoker
Cutting Board
Rolling Pin
Cast Iron Skillet

The Prep:
let’s get into it.
Load light and set your gravity series smoker to roughly 350 to 375° or you can follow the
exact temperature suggestions on your puff pastry.
Cut your canned puff pastry in half, this doubles the yield.
Using your hand or preferably a rolling pin. Roll out your puff pastry to roughly the size of a
small tortilla.
Next slice your jalapeños thinly, you can leave the seeds in for an added kick of heat. Once done with your jalapeños, finely mince your cilantro and set to the side.

Time to assemble all of our ingredients.
Take one of the flattened pastries, lay roughly 2-3 slices of jalapeño in the center of the pastry.
Next grab roughly an oz of your pulled pork and set that on top of the jalapeños.
Finish off by wedging 1 to 2 cubes of mozzarella cheese and topping with 2 more slicing of jalapeño.
Lastly fold over the edges of your pastry, and pinch the ends this makes sure none of that smokey cheesy goodness escapes during the cook. Make sure they are formed into a nice round ball.

The Cook:
Take one of your nubs of butter and grease your cast iron skillet.
Working from the outer ring inward, place your stuffed pastries into the greased skillet.
Place skillet onto the lowest rack in your Gravity Series.

At the 15 minute mark move your skillet to the middle rack and add those extra nobs of butter.
After an additional 10 minutes, remove your skillet, garnish with minced cilantro and kick back and enjoy the Big Game!

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