Mesquite Grilled Game Day Wings

These aren’t your everyday wings, these are Mesquite Grilled Hot Game Day Wings!


Brine Ingredients:

Cayenne Pepper

Crushed Red Pepper



The Prep:

Load your chimney with some B&B Lump Coal. While that’s getting started, start seasoning your wings.

In a small mixing bowl add 2 tablespoons of the following:
Drizzle roughly 3 tablespoons of avocado oil and evenly coat your wings.

Season wings using the blended spice mix, making sure to get in between the folds of the wings as well.

Next up, pour out the coals from the chimney and build a small log cabin with your mesquite splits. Its time to grill!

If needed lightly oil your grates and begin to place your wings. Making sure they are not touching so all sides can cook evenly.

Im using an out post arm, which allows me to swing my grates to and from the flames. If using a standard grill make sure to have side to set wings if flames get too high. [This is a form of 2 zone cooking]

The smokey rich flavors of the mesquite wood will really bring out the spice from the rub mixture.

Grill until juice run clear and internal temp reaches 165.
Once done, pull from the grates, serve and enjoy. These are too good to need a sauce!

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