Grilled Chicken Spring Salad

Char, thats the missing ingredient in every salad. Granted I am slightly bias. Looking for a salad that gives you a reason to fire up the grill? Then look no further. Not only is this dish full of flavor and color, but its also good for you and easy to use as a meal prep meal. Let’s get into the cook.


Juice of 1 lemon

Boneless Chicken Breast [2]

Blue-cheese Crumbles [2tbsp] 

Spring Salad Mix [2 cups]

Shredded Cheese mix [1/4 cup]

Good Feathers Poultry Rub [To taste]

Corn on the Cob [1 husked]

Sour-cream [2tbsp]

Olive Oil

The Prep:

Bring smoker/grill up to temp, roughly 325º 

Properly clean and rinse your chicken breast. [If chicken was brined, lightly rinse and pat dry with paper towel]

Lightly coat chicken with olive oil. Using your favorite poultry rub, in this case Good Feathers was used. Evenly season chicken breast, front, back and the edges.

Once seasoned set chicken on grill/smoker and insert cooking probe. We are going for an internal temperature of 165ª. This can take 45 minutes to an hour deepening on how close the chicken is to the heat sources. Make sure to flip, the chicken midway through the cook.

As the chicken cooks, let’s start working on the rest of the dish. Lightly oil the corn and place it on the grill, we are looking for a slight char, which will help bring out the natural sweetness of this corn. It’s all about balance. 

Thoroughly rinse the spring mix, and pat dry with paper towel. In a large bowl add your rinsed spring mix, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese blend, juice of one lemon, blue-cheese crumbles and fresh cracked pepper. Mix ingredients together and set to the side as we prepare the chicken.

Remove chicken from grill when internal temperature reaches 165, as the chicken cools lets start prepping the corn. Using a sharp knife, carefully shave the kernels in the bowl with the other ingredients.  

Now lets slice the chicken, you can do thin strips or cut into cubes whichever you prefer. Add to the bowl with ingredients and give one more though mix, then serve and enjoy. It’s a flavorful and fairly quick dish and a healthy meal alternative. The sweetness from the corn, plays with the acidity and tartness of the lemon juice and blue-cheese. This dish hits multiple flavor notes all while using very simple ingredients. 

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One response to “Grilled Chicken Spring Salad”

  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it sounds delicious. As I read through the recipe, I missed where the 2T of sour cream were used. Can you let me know where you incorporated it into the meal?


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