Sweet Plantain Chicken Wrap

Sweet, Savory, Spicy and a burst of flavor, is exactly what this dish has. Growing up in the islands, I loved nothing more than fried sweet plantains [maduros] they accompany just about any Jamaican dish. This is a great dish that works well in a wrap or on its own in a bowl, either way the flavor is something you are going to enjoy. Let’s get cooking!


Sweet Plantain [1]

Large Tortilla [2]

Black Beans [1 can]

Garlic [4 cloves]

Green Onion [1 Stalk]

Coarse Salt [To Taste]

Olive Oil

White Onion [1/2]

Good Feathers Poultry Rub

White Rice [2 Cups]

Lemon Juice [1/4 Cup]

Shredded Cheese mix [1/4 Cup]

Let’s start prepping our main flavor agent, the sofrito. Start by chopping up the green and white onion, and add to your motor and pestle [or food processor/ blender]. To that add a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt then grind the mixture together. We are looking for a paste consistency. Once done, set the sofrito to the side until later.

Time to prepare the chicken, simply cut the chicken breasts into medium sized pieces. Add to a large bowl, lightly coat chicken pieces with olive oil and light salt. Then season using your favorite chicken rub, [I used Good Feathers Poultry Rub] generously seasoning chicken pieces. Making sure to mix as you season so all pieces are evenly coated and seasoned.

Add a third of the sofrito to the chicken and mix in thoroughly. Then set aside as the pan is being prepared. Next rinse and prepare 2 cups of white rice to be cooked.

In the pan [in my case I am using a cast iron skillet] add 4 tbsp of olive oil to the heated pan. Once small bubbles begin to form in the oil, add all of the chicken pieces. Lots of liquid will begin to release from the chicken, simply maintain a medium heat and stir the kitchen periodically as the liquid cooks down.

As the chicken cooks down, in a seperate pot, add 1/2 of the remaining sofrito, light olive oil, and a can of black beans [liquid included]. Mix together thoroughly, set on low heat and stir occasionally as the beans cook down. In a medium sauté pan, fill a third of the way with vegetable oil and bring to a slight simmer.

Peal the plantain and slice 1/4 inch thick pieces at an angle, then slowly and carefully add them to the oil. Will take roughly 2 minutes per side until the edges are light brown. Remove from oil and place onto a plate layered with paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

Once chicken has cooked down completely, turn off the heat. Same goes for the pot of beans. Lets start to assemble the wrap.

Warm the tortillas, lay them so they slightly overlap and add a light layer of the shredded cheese mix. Spoon a portion of rice, topped by beans, next the chicken, followed by the sweet plantains and lastly the remaining sofrito mixture. Fold the edges and roll your tortilla and enjoy this flavor packed wrap.

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