Herb Crusted Salmon w/ Creamy Parmesan Penne

This is one of my favorite go to dishes for multiple reasons, the base of the dish [penne pasta] can be used with any protein, fish, chicken or any cut of beef. So its very versatile and easy to change to you or your guests preference.

Salmon Ingredients

Kosher Salt [Coarse]

Black Pepper [Coarse or preferably freshly cracked]

Herb Infused Olive Oil [regular Olive Oil will work as well, How to post coming soon] [2 tbs]

Dried Thyme [1 tbs]

Dried Parsley [1 tbs]

I am all about using fresh ingredients when possible, however I have found dried herbs work best for this particular dish. Full ingredients list found bellow.

Parmesan Cream Sauce
Heavy Cream [1 cup]

Unsalted Butter [i/4 cup melted]

Infused Olive Oil [3 tbs]

Chili Pepper Flackes [1tsp]

Dried Thyme [2 tbs]

Salt [1 tsp]

Parsley [2 tbs]

Baby Spinach [2 cups]


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees, set a pot of water boil

Evenly and liberally coat your salmon with your infused Olive Oil, or regular Olive Oil.

Mix all Salmon ingredients into a small container or shaker.

Place salmon on foil lined baking sheet [for an easy clean up] then evenly coat salmon with herb mixture.

Set salmon in oven and check back in 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your salmon.

As the water boils, add a pinch of salt and Olive Oil [or unsalted butter], to help the Penne not to stick.

In a large sauté pan, melt the half stick of unsalted butter, add heavy cream and infused Olive Oil whisk all together and bring to a simmer.

Add Penne Pasta to boiling water, 16 oz of pasta makes roughly 2-3 portions. Cook until al dente, then strain and set to the side.

As the cream mixture comes to a simmer add the remaining dry ingredients, add additional chili pepper flakes for you’re a fan of heat. Then add baby spinach, cook until leaves begin to wilt.

Add freshly grated parmesan into the cream mixture and stir until consistency is smooth

Take strained pasta and add into the cream mixture, add in small portions so pasta can be evenly coated with the parmesan cream.

Plate, Serve, and Enjoy!

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