Tailgate Tacos

Smoked Beer Braised Beef Tacos

This post is a collaboration with Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. on behalf of the Beef Checkoff. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own.

It’s Tailgate Season, which means a nice cold drink in one hand and a delicious savory treat in the other, and nothing says savory like a slow smoked, beer braised pulled beef tacos! So grab a few buddies, toss on your favorite jersey and let’s get to cooking!


Whole Chuck Roast [4-6 Lbs] 

Porter Beer [ used in this recipe Tall, Dark and Smokey] 

Beer Rub [American Prime Beef Rub]

Tortillas [Flour or Corn]

White Onion [Finely Minced]

Cilantro [1/4 bushel chopped]

Coarse Salt 

Oaxaca Cheese [1/4 cup]

Spicy Mustard [1/2 cup]

The Cook:

When selecting your Chuck Roast, look for one with a little more fat than normal, this is a longer cook with a fairly leaner cut of beef. Selecting one with more fat will help prevent the roast from drying out during the smoking process. 

Using the spicy mustard as a binder, evenly coat the roast this will make sure the rub adheres properly. Once done with the mustard, evenly coat the roast with the beef rub of your choice. I used American Prime Beef Rub, it leaves a great bark on beef with savory notes. When seasoning make sure to bend and fold the roast to make certain the crevices are seasoned as well. 

Just like a steak, you want to let the beef come up in temperature for a few prior to placing directly onto the smoker. 

Bring your smoker and/or grill to 300ª, we will perform the cook on the highest rack or adjacent to the main heat source [depending on which type of smoker/grill you are using] 

As the roast is braising let’s start preparing the toppings to the tacos. Finely mince 1 medium sized white onion, once mince sprinkle with salt and set aside until beef is complete. Repeat the same steps for the cilantro, skipping the salting process.

Once the roast reaches an internal temperature of 165*, place into an aluminum pan. Add another light coating of seasoning, then pour in your favorite dark beer, its ok to save a bit for yourself as well. Cover the pan with aluminum foil tightly and place back onto the smoker to braise. The vanilla and cocoa nib notes will help add a unique sweetness and aroma to the roast. 

When internal temperature of the roast reaches 205º remove from the smoker and remove foil covering allowing the beef to rest for 15-20 minutes prior to shredding.

As the roast rests, heat up a pan or griddle to toast/warm your tortillas. For additional flavor add some of the braising liquid to the tortilla soaking it then shred beef and add onto the tortilla. Top with a nice serving of the salted white onion and cilantro, sprinkle a little of the Oaxaca cheese, serve and enjoy with friends! 

I hope you give the recipe a try and share the results with me in the comments.

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