Spicy Pulled Pork Apple Slaw Sliders

A good pulled pork slider when done right has the perfect bite of almost any meal. The savoriness from the pork, crunch, acidity and sweetness from the slaw, all packed between a soft buttered bun. It is hard to beat!


Pork Butt [Bone-in]


Pork Rub

Cayenne Pepper [4tbsp]

Apple [1]


Hot Sauce

Kings Hawaiian Rolls [12]

Salt [3tbsp]

The Prep:

Lightly salt pork butt

Using mustard as binder for seasoning, evenly coat pork butt, making sure to get all sides and edges.

Heavily coat pork butt with your favorite pork rub, making sure to bend and fold the pork butt to properly season each crevice. 

Depending on your heat tolerance you would want to add a light coating of Cayenne Pepper. Personally I love spice and heat so I get a bit heavy handed at this phase but not to the point where it over shadows the flavors.  

The Cook:

Load, Light and Set your Masterbuilt Gravity Series

I am using the Gravity Series 1050 for this cook. Cooking at roughly 300º

Place Pork Butt onto the middle shelf, insert your cooking probe to monitor the internal temp.

We won’t be wrapping the pork, we are cooking for an internal temperature of 195.

During the cook, bast/ spritz pork with a liquid mixture of your choosing, some use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and apple juice.

Reaching this internal temperature allows for the carry over heat to bring the internal temp to 200-205 which is great for pulled pork. 

Once pork has reached desired internal temp, remove from heat and let it rest. 

DO NOT SHRED immediately. 

As pork rests, prepare your coleslaw. You can get a pre mixed bag or make your own with finely sliced cabbage carrots, for this dish I added thin slices of apple. This really helps bring a sweet profile to contrast the savory and spicy rub mixture of the pork.

Lastly it’s time to build our slider. Slice rolls in half [ I have found a serrated knife works well ] Butter and toast the roll, spread a layer of mustard, a serving of pulled pork, dollop of coleslaw and finish with another drop of mustard, serve and enjoy! 

If you enjoyed this recipe make sure to share with friends and check out some of my other dishes.

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