BTS: Toyota Commercial Shoot

True story, my first car was suppose to be a Toyota 4Runner. My family always had Toyota vehicles growing up. We had Camry’s forever until my brother and I became giants and we shifted to the 4Runner.

So when I got the call to be featured in a Toyota campaign I couldn’t say Yes! fast enough. The day was filled with challenges, as anyone who lives in Georgia knows the weather will turn on you in an instance, and thats exactly what it did to us.

As any BBQ’r knows wet wood doesn’t burn, but rain doesn’t stop a cook especially when its for Toyota. So I backed Phoebe [my custom built Shirley Fabrication Smoker] into the warehouse and fired her up to start the cook.

Then it was right back to filming. I am not a natural in front of the camera, but it felt great to tell my story along with my view on the craft of barbeque. It is one that has taught me something about life with each and every cook. It also helped to have such a great Direct like Davis guiding me through the process. The entire team of G/O Media was fantastic to work with and cannot thank them enough.

If you really want the full BTS experience take a look at the write up by my Documentary Photographer.

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