Classic NY Strip Steak and Potatoes

There are very few dishes as classic as, Steak and Potatoes. It is one of my favorite meals to make on a cast-iron skillet, if done right it can easily be as tender and flavorful as a Bone-in Ribeye.

If you have the time, this little step can really impart a lot of flavor to your steak and give you a nice hard crust when seared. Simply place steaks on a rack above a baking pan so air can flow all around the steak. Season both sides with salt and place in the fridge for a few hours or over night. This causes the steak to release excess moisture and it will drip into the pan.

If above technique is used, remove steak from fridge 25-30 mins before cooking. Never want to just drop a cold steak from the fridge to the pan, the interior will be cold.

Add 2-3 tablespoons of butter to a cast-iron skillet then heat skillet, I prefer this was as to not cause the butter to brown too quickly. [Heads up, you will be using a good amount of butter :-)] Slowly heat another skillet as well, this will be for your potatoes and asparagus.

Add your favorite steak rub. I personally use my own, American Prime Beef Rub, you can Once pan builds a slight smoke, add steak to pan, always lay steaks away from you.

Sear steaks 2 minutes on each side, make sure to tilt on and stand on fat side up as well to render out the fat.

While steaks are searing, finely and evenly chop potatoes. I like to use rustic potatoes when I can, I find they cook down much faster and keep a good texture. Season with a bit of salt and onion powder and add to the second preheated skillet. Allow moisture to release from potatoes then drizzle in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As the potatoes are cooking down, add more butter to the steaks, we are going to start “basting” the steaks with additional flavor. Crush and peel 4 medium sized cloves of garlic, a full sprig of rosemary. Tilt skillet towards you and using a spoon catch the butter, and garlic herb drippings and bast the steaks. Make sure to rotate the steaks as the pan is still hot and want it to cook evenly.

Remove steaks from from skillet and sett on cutting board to rest. You can choose to tent the steak [tenting is simple as it sounds, take a piece of aluminum foil and loosely place it around the steak.]

Add your rinsed asparagus to the skillet and cook in the drippings and garlic butter rosemary mixture. Allow asparagus to cook for three minutes, once done add fresh cracked black and now its time to plate! Side note you can do the same with mushrooms, I love them so I made them as well. Would love to see your steak dishes or your take on it. Make sure to follow me online and tag me in your creations, can’t wait to see them!

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