Smoked Beef Rib Pho

What do you do when its cold outside and you have a dozen smoked Pork-butt bones? You make Pho of course! I enjoy making Pho for multiple reasons, its a fun dish, perfect to make heading into the Fall and Winter months, and its an amazing way to get the most of out all of your ingredients. [The ends of onions, peppers, and those teeny tiny garlic cloves]

Ingredients needed for the broth:

Smoked Pork Bones [12]

Half Ginger Root

Whole White Onion [1]

Garlic Cloves [8]

Ghost Pepper [1/2]

Coarse Salt [To Taste]

Star Anise [1]

Black Peppercorns [1 tsp]

Cinnamon Stick [1/2]

Starting the Broth

Add pork bones to a large stock pot, add 1 gallon of water or until bones are fully submerged.
Bring stock to a lower simmer, add in all previously mentioned ingredients and cover pot and allow to simmer for several hours. I let my stock go for at least 8-10 hours minimum. [the longer the better]

Straining is very very important, I am straining 3 times, a cheese cloth, inside of a small mesh strainer, set inside of a large colander placed within a large bowl to catch the filtered broth. After all that hard work you want the broth as flavorful and pure as possible.

Next up you will want to get your topping ready, which I go over in the video above. Serve and enjoy!

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