Hickory Seared Tuna Steaks

We all know the main smoke chamber is where all the cooking takes place in the world of Barbeque and rolling smoke. However I believe in using all elements of my smoker. Its one of the reason I custom design my 250 gallon smoker Penny, but this post isn’t about that modification, its about a portion all offset smokers have, The Fire Box!

Today I will be sharing a fun and simple recipe for making a flavor and fast dish, Tuna Steaks. While filming some other content I already had Penny rolling along, but the main chamber was full and I wanted to make a dish my buddy and I could enjoy until it was time to film the meats on the main chamber.

We are only going to need 4 ingredients for this cook.


Tuna Steaks [thats a given]

SPG [Salt Pepper Garlic]

16 Mesh Black Pepper

Herb Infused Olive Oil [Regular Olive Oil works too]

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