Cherrywood Ribeye & Rosemary Herb Medley

Coarse Salt [2 tbsp] but salt to taste Black Pepper [3 tbsp]
Fresh Rosemary [2 sprigs]
Petite White and Purple Potatoes Unsalted Butter [1 stick]
Garlic [3 cloves]
White Onion Chopped [1] Mushrooms [8 oz]
Brussels Sprouts
Olive Oil [ 3 oz]
Fresh Parsley [3 sprigs]

Prepare your Lodge Kickoff Grill for two zone cooking. [A sear side and a lower temp side for slow cooking. Simply stack/add more hot coals to one side of the grill.] Then add cherrywood chunk onto hot coals. 

Lightly coat Ribeye with olive oil, then season generously with your your favorite steak or beef rub. [On quality cuts of meat, salt and pepper work just fine] 

Place steak on the cooler cooking side of your Kickoff Grill. We will be rotating every two minutes, this allows for an even cook, which will cause a nice edge to edge pink hue, no gray bar.

While steak is cooking place your Lodge Skillet on the sear side of the Kickoff Grill, drizzle in some olive oil and allow it to get hot.

As The Lodge Skillet gets hot, start to prepare your medley. Rinse and half your petite potatoes and add them to your now hot skillet will a generous amount of coarse salt and black pepper. 

At this point make sure to check on your steak, making sure no flare ups are happening and the steak isn’t cooking faster than expected.

Thoroughly rinse and halve your brussels sprouts adding them along with your mushrooms and chopped onion to the skillet. Using a wooden spoon to stir the mixture while adding olive oil to lightly coat your medley. 

Add 1 stick of unsalted butter to the Lodge Skillet. Time to add additional flavor to the steak, standing it on its side bone facing down. Using your springs of rosemary and parsley as a brush, dip them into the melting butter then brush your ribeye with the herbs. The heat from the melted butter will help release the oils in the herbs adding additional flavor to your steak. That coupled with the smokiness of the applewood will result in an amazing aromatic and flavorful dish. 

Add two cloves of garlic to the Lodge Skillet and stir. Then remove your steak from the heat and place it onto of your medley. This will allow it to rest, while the falling juices will bast and add additional flavor to your medley. 

Next simply plate your medley and slice steak against the grain for the best eating experience. Enjoy!

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